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62 Black Street, Brighton

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Brighton has long challenged the typical image of Bayside living. Here salt tinged air is perfumed by the rich scent of fresh, roasting coffee grinds.


Brighton's dining scene offers a combination of casual eateries and epicurean restaurants, all with a commitment to culinary excellence.

In a suburb teeming with sought-after cafes, Pantry is at the forefront, a local institution serving up exotic twists on crowd pleasers amid effortlessly stylish interiors. A little further on up the road and you’ll find yourself in Mediterranean heaven, with George Calombaris’ Hellenic Republic opening the third restaurant in the Hellenic series. Here the beach-vibe of its locale is captured in both design and menu, where the typical Mediterranean diet - which emphasises a 4:1 ratio of vegetables to meat - is echoed in a distinctly Melbourne kind of way.


  1. Laurent
  2. The Brighton Buoy
  3. Half Moon



Dining and Drinking

For another impeccable European experience, head to Laurent, where you can be assured to find the perfectly flaked croissant or crusted baguette. A few doors down, a synergy of fashion and food is explored at Brighton Buoy, where the beautiful displays of everyone’s favourite fashion and homewares store – Country Road – are matched by their very own in house café. When the sun dips and after-hours is beckoning for an expertly shaken Martini, Half Moon is at hand for a nocturnal adventure sure to satisfy.




  1. Hellenic Republic
  2. Devola’s of Brighton
  3. The Pantry

A symbol of the community’s historic esteem, the bright hues of Brighton’s iconic beach boxes offer a vibrant, kaleidoscopic perimeter to the pristine shoreline.

Brighton Beach

One of Melbourne’s most picturesque and iconic destinations, Brighton Beach is a go-to for blissful moments atop the sand.

Typically seen hosting a performance of yachts dancing upon the horizon, a colourful display of kites delicately careening across the sky, as the silhouette of the city skyline looms in the background; Brighton really is a wonder of both culture and nature. From sunup to well past sundown, the lure of the salt is known by locals to almost hypnotically enchant residents toward its shore for a daily jaunt.


  1. Brighton Beach
  2. The Baths
  3. Brighton Baths





A postcode that supports a little bit of healthy sweat, here you’ll find a strong suite of activities to help nourish your body and nurture your spirit. While the local sporting oval plays host to a range of activity guaranteed to suit a plethora of skill and appeal, if it’s a racket that you prefer to cause, the local tennis courts are at hand to help you create the ideal scene for a game, set and match.



  1. St Andrews Tennis Club
  2. William Street Reserve
  3. Dogs at the park

There’s a reason that you walk through the streets of Brighton and everyone you pass looks so perfectly put together; the suburb plays host to an unprecedented collection of boutique retailers.


A perfectly woven exchange of relaxed and luxury find harmony in Brighton’s world-class boutiques.

Brighton has this innate ability to collapse boundaries, making everything from the hunt for a luxury new car, to picking out the plumpest tomatoes for tonight’s pasta, feel like an experience. Brighton’s distinct flavour of class comes from the community’s unmistakable interplay of a nonchalant sophistication throughout everyday interactions. Neighbourhood retailers here play host to everything from category defining fashion, produce stores abounding in displays of ingredients sure to transform your pantry into something even the contestants of Masterchef would envy, as well as the simple grocers who help ensure you’re atop the day-to-day basics.


  1. Country Road
  2. Devola’s of Brighton
  3. Flannel




Education and Amenities

A postcode long admired for its commitment to improving the daily lives of its community, Brighton is synonymous with generous public amenities. Whether private or public, primary or secondary, Brighton’s scholarly offerings all share in the same dedication to excellence and distinction that has seen generations of families flocking to the area to secure the best educational opportunities for their children. The opportunity for escape is similarly met with the same forethought and consideration, with a suite of public transport and freeways, offering the community easy access to the city-at-large and beyond.



  1. Dendy Cinema
  2. Firbank Grammar School
  3. Middle Brighton Station